The Silk Road Blend



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Medium roast coffee, Colombia & Guatemalan blend. Notes: nutty, chocolatey, mild acidity.

Central Eurasia is home to the Silk Road, an ancient trade route that linked East and West. Along its path is one of the poorest and most politically, economically, and socially unstable regions of the world – a hotbed for religious persecution and warfare. 98% of Central Eurasia’s nearly half billion people are members of unreached people groups. Many who become followers of Jesus risk their lives for the sake of their faith. However, the church is growing in Central Eurasia, most rapidly in areas where oppression is strongest. More workers than ever are answering the call to establish the church in some of the world’s most difficult mission fields. Our goal is to proclaim the gospel to every person in Central Eurasia – because unreached does not mean unreachable. 

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