Deepika Vocational Center & Home of Hope

Though Human Trafficking Awareness Month is coming to a close, we wanted to share with you our common cause for January and tell you a little of where you coffee dollars went this month.

We’ve been honored to work with Deepika Vocational Center and Home of Hope in India for the past few years as they help survivors of human trafficking continually discover the fresh start that they deserve.

Deepika serves as a vocational center and home for sex trafficking survivors in Kolkata, India. Their vocational center serves as a center where victims of sexual slavery come and receive holistic care and training. Their Home of Hope serves as a home for girls who were born in brothels. Here these girls receive after-care support, an education and a loving home. Deepika strives to create new futures for these women of all ages, their multifaceted program aiming to provide a safe enviroment for transformation and growth, and a brighter future for themselves.

A few images from our last visit:

The Girl’s Home


This garden was planted by your coffee dollars! They grow fruits and vegetables and use them in their meals daily.

IMG_5122 IMG_5256 IMG_5270 IMG_5310Taj-4-2-1

We can’t show you their faces, but we hope to show you their joy.

IMG_5322 IMG_5332

A classroom where they will receive an education + a brighter future!

IMG_5334 IMG_5442Taj-4-4

Though each girl comes from different brothels and backgrounds, here they become sisters.

IMG_5444 IMG_5453 IMG_5455 IMG_5457 IMG_5460 IMG_5463 IMG_5469 IMG_5470


The Vocational Center

IMG_5054 IMG_5078

A woman learns to sew the most beautiful quilt. Here she will learn sustainable ways to make a living.

IMG_5063 IMG_5069 IMG_5074 IMG_5076 IMG_5081-2 IMG_5083 IMG_5087 IMG_5090 IMG_6730 IMG_6755 IMG_6784IMG_5102


IMG_6767 IMG_6780 IMG_6782


If you’re local to Springfield, be sure to visit Fireside Gallery, too, which will highlight images and stories from Deepika.

This month and always, we hope you’ll join us in giving a voice to those without one. Thank you for supporting life-changing work across the world.


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Deepika Vocational Center & Home of Hope

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